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A leading service provider with vast global experience of consulting, training, and certifications who offers extensive solutions covering ISO, CE marking, HACCP, and wide range of global certifications.

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A trusted partner for your business certifications

At MaxiCert we believe delivering top-quality services while ensuring customer satisfaction as our primary focus. Our team strives at every stage to position ourselves as a global leader by emphasising on quality service delivery, we consider expanding our network of industry partners worldwide by adding significant value. 

Our commitment on project completion on set timeline makes us trustable in the industry, we adapt top-notch quality approach, and ensure applying cost-effective strategies which will be customized according to the organization’s requirement, we make sure the objectives of your organization are achieved with the blend of our expertise and strong commitment. Our global presence adds value and helps us to establish ourselves as pioneers in consultation and certification services, we design distinctive techniques and methodologies which eventually brings advantage for your organization

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At MaxiCert we encourage to implement industry-leading practices through our distinctive consulting approach, enabling the achievement of ISO Certification.

CE Mark

Explore opportunity to export your products in European market because CE mark serves as a gateway to your products and our expertise ensures a streamlined process in achieving this essential product certification.

Third Party Audit

As third-party auditors, we perform audits on behalf of client and scrutinize outcomes to verify the efficient and effective management of processes.

Information Security

We ensure continuous support to our clients in upgrading their cybersecurity and assure minimal information security risks in their business processes.


CMMI stands for Capacity Maturity Modelling Integration aimed at enhancing organizational performance and MaxiCert possesses expertise across all five maturity levels and all three capability levels coming under this framework.


Our process based distinctive consulting methodology includes conducting training sessions with an idea to impart knowledge aiding in a deeper understanding of standards.

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Experience, Integrity, Reliability and innovation are Our Companions while Delivering Solutions.

Process Improvement

Our professional team provides expert services in process improvement and prepares organizations to streamline with the recognition they deserve and the skills necessary for continuous monitoring and enhancement of their business operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Attaining happy and satisfied customers is the main objective for sustainability in the market. Associating with us assures the achievement of this objective.

Profit maximization

Implementing international standards in business processes helps in eliminating errors and ultimately serves as a primary factor for profit maximization.

Tender Eligibility

Fulfil the requirements to apply for tenders, complying to the standard requirements and obtaining certification will ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for tenders, thereby increasing your chances of winning them.

Brand Reputation

Use the tagline of certified business because having international standards and certifications associated with your brand will remarkably enhance its value and reputation.

GO Global

Make your business internationally successful, distinguish yourself among your competitors, get international certification and recognition your organization deserve.

What Makes Us Unique

Why Choose Us?

Experience, reliability, integrity and innovation are the main companions of MaxiCert while delivering solutions.

Who are We?

MaxiCert is the one stop solution for your consulting, training, audit and certification requirement.

What we do best?

Our professional approach which carriers best-in-class industry practices.

What We Focus?

MaxiCert’s primary focus is to deliver value resulting in the growth of client organization.

Our expertise?

We have a team of expert consultants coming from different domains of the industries

Why Cost Effective?

We commit to meet the deadlines and complete your certifications on time resulting if minimizing the cost.

What We Assure?

We will be responsible for your certifications and coordinate on every stage until the project is completed.

Prominent international ISO Standards

ISO 9001 certification is one of the basic and fundamental international standard published by the international organization for standardization for setting up the quality requirements in an organization that focuses on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and are irrespective of a size, type or scope.

 ISO 14001 certification provides the necessary guidelines and tools for the organization to manage their environmental performances. And it has become one of the mandatory factors for the organization to do business with others. It helps to demonstrate that the organization take responsibility towards environmental concerns and meet all kind of legal obligations that are applied to industries.

ISO 14001 certification provides the necessary guidelines and tools for the organization to manage their environmental performances. And it has become one of the mandatory factors for the organization to do business with others. It helps to demonstrate that the organization take responsibility towards environmental concerns and meet all kind of legal obligations that are applied to industries.

ISO 22000 certification is one of the industry-specific standards that is been developed by ISO providing the requirements for food safety management system that can be applied to the food supply chain, starting from farm to fork. It acts as a powerful marketing tool that showcases your quality & safety factors of food products.

ISO 20000-1 certification is an International standard which fulfills the requirements for information technology service management system.

ISO 31000 certification is a standard designed for providing the requirements for risk management.

ISO 10002 certification is related to customer satisfaction particularly when it comes to handling complaints. With a set of guidelines that are provided by ISO 10002, solutions are given in order to enhance the organization performance.

ISO 27001 certification is one of the important international standard that helps the industries to meet all the privacy legislations by providing the requirements of information security management system. By undergoing the implementation process of ISMS, the organizations can demonstrate that they are very reliable collaboration partners.

ISO 17025 certification is a unique standard that has an international recognition that specifying the requirements for testing and calibration of laboratories.

ISO 22301 certification is an international standard which is set to provide the requirements for business continuity management system.

ISO 50001 certification is a sole standard which has a worldwide recognition for providing the requirements for energy management system.

ISO 29990 certification is one of the most followed standards by non formal education institutes and training centers.

Other Standards

CE mark certification for a product can be sold in the European Union Area without breaking any legal requirements. CE marking indicates safety, health and environmental protection representation of the product.

HALAL certification is mandate for many countries. Halal refers to the food products, which are devised according to the laws and regulations of Islamic dietary that governs what is lawful, permissible, approved, legal, licit, allowed and clean.

HACCP certification is a management system standard that provides the requirement for hazard analysis critical control points. It addresses the risks by analyzing and controlling the chemical, biological and physical hazards.

GMP certification is important. Good manufacturing practice is nothing but measures that are taken in order to have a controlled practice according to quality standards.

GLP certification is necessary. Good laboratory principle is one of the systematic ways of processing and conditioning the environment of a laboratory by planning, performing, monitoring, recording and reporting the results.

SA 8000 certification is a certifiable international standard that motivates an organization to apply, develop and maintain the good social practices in the workplace.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are the two types of tests consisting of different strength and complete vulnerability assessment. Any cyber security exposures can be identified with the help of these two security testing methods.

The capability maturity model integration is an effective way of reducing the risks in software product and other services developed by the organization.

What our clients say about us?

Client Testimonials

We are trusted by thousands of clients belonging from technology, manufacturing, healthcare and various sectors

Their presence in Oman made us even better to accomplish our goal of achieving ISO certificates on time, we will definitely recommend their services.

Mr. Sailesh Mohanakrishnan Division Manager – Khimji Ramdas, Oman

Our overall experience with Maxicert was satisfied. The audit and consulting part was handled carefully, we fulfilled our client requirement of ISO 27001 hassle free.

Kevin Santiago BDM – Clarks Outsourcing, Philippines

Timely response and knowledge of ISO standards can be seen together in the team of Maxicert, we grow because of the service providers like Maxicert.

Samuel Christopher Quality Assurance Head – OEQA, Nigeria

We did Food safety certification with Maxicert, the service was extraordinary and their consultant had good experience of the subject.

Mr. Venkatesh Production Manager - Acacia Foods and Beverages, Zambia

We engaged a consultant of Maxicert for our business certification, we now have a well-designed and organized department procedures and we rectify our errors through internal audits regularly.

Abdullah Al Rayes Managing Director – TCS, Bahrain

Technical expertise by the team of Maxicert helped us achieving our ISO 13485 certificates, we now proudly say that we have achieved our target, all thanks to the team.

Nady Boustany CEO – LMG, Iraq

MaxiCert's approach to meet our needs proved instrumental in facilitating a seamless transition throughout the entire ISO certification process for us. Their training sessions are so much helpful.

Ms. Latifa Al Salem Investor portfolio – Ministry of Investment, Saudi Arabia

Maxicert is a one stop solution, we got trainings, documents, audit and certification at one place, they facilitated everything.

Ms. Mariam Chaggama VP – Fasthub, Tanzania

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