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Obtaining ISO 22000 Certification for Excellence in Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) with Maxicert

Maxicert offers ISO 22000-based Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) that enable food manufacturers to implement enhanced safeguards against gastroenterological diseases and illnesses. In addition, they benefit from increased consumer awareness and improve their reputation. As food packaging becomes more common in our fast-paced world, analyzing its quality becomes increasingly important.

The 20th century was marked by unprecedented economic transformations and scientific breakthroughs. In the food industry, new technologies flourished as a result of this evolution. With the introduction of sophisticated machine processes, a focus on quality was shifted from taste to quality in the food industry. As a result of inadequate food, severe illnesses and deaths have increased in the 21st century. Control and traceability are more challenging due to globalization and complex supply networks. As part of ISO 22000, food manufacturers are encouraged to adopt techniques that ensure product safety and customer satisfaction.

Any organization in the food system can implement ISO 22000, regardless of size or activity. Among the activities covered are crop cultivation, animal feed manufacturing, food department stores, food service, packaged food manufacturing, and related services like transportation, warehousing, cleaning, and sanitation.

By adopting ISO 22000, organizations can optimize their processes and produce goods that comply with quality standards and requirements. ISO 22000 incorporates the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking to encourage organizations to develop food safety policies and set safety objectives. By encouraging communication, consistent behavior, and increased confidence among players in the food industry, ISO 22000 facilitates more effective hazard and risk management.

ISO 22000 FSMS Implementation:

Establishes and maintains appropriate and secure procedures for food production companies, emphasizing proper controls and procedures to ensure food safety. In order to be ISO 22000 certified, an organization must demonstrate independently its standards and competency of its personnel. By implementing globally recognized food safety management procedures, the company builds trust among stakeholders and reduces health risks.

Maxicert’s ISO 22000 consultancy services help companies meet regulatory compliance, protect against harmful effects of unsafe food processing, increase brand value, and boost customer confidence. Organizations seeking ISO 22000 certification consult with Maxicert professionals who guide them through auditing, implementation, and assessment processes. These consultants generate and preserve business values through the implementation of traceability systems, ensuring ISO 22000 compliance, and establishing and maintaining FSMS standards.


Maxicert's ISO 22000 FSMS Certification process:

Maxicert’s certification process is summarized below:

  • Plans for audits

    Audit activities are thoroughly planned by Maxicert prior to beginning the audit process. As part of this process, the audit scope, objectives, and criteria are defined.

  • Document Review

    The audit team reviews the organization's Food Safety Management System documentation. This involves assessing policies, procedures, manuals, and records to ensure compliance with ISO 22000 requirements.

  • On-Site Assessment

    Maxicert's experienced auditors conduct on-site assessments to assess FSMS implementation. Verify the compliance with documented procedures by observing processes, interviewing personnel, and conducting interviews.

  • Analysing risks

    Risk assessments are conducted as part of the audit in order to identify potential hazards and to evaluate the effectiveness of risk control measures in place.

  • Check for compliance

    An auditor verifies compliance with ISO 22000 standards, including the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. Food safety policies and objectives are assessed by them.

  • Internal audits

    Maxicert evaluates the organization's internal audit processes to ensure that regular audits of its FSMS take place. Additionally, corrective and preventive actions are evaluated.

  • Review of Management

    The audit process includes a review of the management review activities of the organization. A key part of this process involves assessing how top management continuously evaluates the FSMS to ensure it remains appropriate, adequate, and effective.

Benefits of ISO 22000 FSMS

  • 1. Food Safety:

    Minimize contamination risk by ensuring food products meet global standards.

  • 2. Global Recognition:

    Implement ISO 22000 certification to gain global visibility

  • 3. Regulatory Compliance:

    Ensure legal compliance by seamlessly navigating food safety regulations.

  • 4. Consumer trust:

    Establish trust among consumers by signalling commitment to food safety.

  • 5. Process Improvements:

    Continuous improvement & waste reduction are all part of fostering efficient operations.

  • 6. Competitive advantage:

    Meet customer expectations, demonstrate reliability, and align with industry standards.

  • 7. Risk Management:

    Establishing a risk-based approach minimizes the likelihood of food safety incidents by identifying, assessing, and managing potential risks.

Maxicert's ISO 22000 Certification Process:

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