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CE Mark

CE mark certification for a product can be sold in the European Union Area without breaking any legal requirements. CE marking indicates safety, health and environmental protection representation of the product.

HALAL Certification

HALAL certification is mandate for many countries. Halal refers to the food products, which are devised according to the laws and regulations of Islamic dietary that governs what is lawful, permissible, approved, legal, licit, allowed and clean. 

VAPT Certification

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are the two types of tests consisting of different strengths and complete vulnerability assessments. Any cyber security exposures can be identified with the help of these two methods. 

CMMI Certification

The CMMI certificate certification validates that the organization has implemented and maintained effective processes across various areas, including software development, product delivery, and service management. 

HACCP Certification

The HACCP certificate is a recognition granted to businesses that have successfully implemented a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system within their food production or handling processes.

GLP Certification

A GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certificate acknowledges an organization’s compliance with internationally recognized standards for conducting non-clinical safety studies on chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

GMP Certification

GMP Certification is important. Good manufacturing practice is nothing but measures that are taken to have a controlled practice according to quality standards. 

GDPR Certification

A GDPR certificate signifies an organization’s commitment to complying with the stringent data protection regulations outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation.

SA 8000 Certification

SA 8000 certification is a certifiable international standard that motivates an organization to apply, develop and maintain the good social practices in the workplace. 

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