ISO 45001 Certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia


Maxicert provides ISO Certification and Consultation services in Saudi Arabia. Our ISO 45001 consultants helps in ISO implementation, documentation, training, and auditing services in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Neom, Yanbu, Makkah, Madina, Al Jubail, Al Khobar, Al Jouf, Taif, Al Ahsa and other major cities. 

The ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which specifies the requirements for occupational health and safety management system.

The ISO 45001 OHSMS standard was published in the year 2018 and this the latest version of the standard. Previously ISO adopted OHSAS 18001 standard for occupational health and safety and from the year 2018 ISO has its own standard for the same. It encompasses the identification, assessment, and control of risks and hazards within the workplace that may impact employees’ health and well-being. It is important to note that the scope of ISO 45001 certification services in Riyadh is extensive. These services cover various disciplines, workspaces, and environmental risks and hazards.

It is relatively easy to obtain ISO 45001 registration services in Jeddah if you follow the correct procedure. It is applicable to organizations of any size, regardless of their type or nature of business in Neom, showcasing ISO’s inclusive approach. When an organization decides to register for ISO 45001 in Dammam, it is displaying its commitment to the well-being of its workers and the environment as well. Obtaining ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia and working with an ISO 45001 certification consultant in Neom proves valuable in achieving a stable working environment by implementing proactive preventive and safety measures.

Is it necessary to get ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia

No doubt that it is a necessity that the organizations in Saudi Arabia should implement and get their ISO 45001 certifications because according to the vision 2030, the Saudi Arabian authorities has emphasized much attention towards maintaining safe working environment in the kingdom.

Few are the reasons below to understand why ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia is important for companies:

  • Your company will be eligible to become registered vendor of Saudi Aramco, SABIC, MAADEN and become approved suppliers of big brands in the kingdom
  • There are strict guidelines for the contractors working in Neom that they need to have proper occupational health and safety management system at work place, so implementing ISO 45001 and getting the certifications will be quite useful for contactors in Neom city.
  • ISO 45001 standard helps your organization to identify risks and hazards related to work place and assist you to design occupational health and safety policies and procedures for the companies in Riyadh city
  • Ultimately your organization will contribute to the accomplishment of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 by implementing best practices of ISO 45001 in Jeddah
  • You can start the implementation of ISO 45001 in Dammam by collaborating with the international consultants and learn the international practices followed by the organizations worldwide
  • Implementing occupational health and safety standard like ISO 45001 in the organizations of Saudi Arabia encourages employee engagement and the culture of safe working environment will gain importance
  • Saudi Arabia has a great vision towards development of the country from all the sectors, becoming an organization who has understood and implemented ISO 45001 will be of great importance for the contribution in the development of the country
  • ISO 45001 consultancy and certification in Saudi Arabia will help the organizations to minimize the cost by reducing the accidents and loss of skilled workforce
  • The expenses related to insurance premiums, such as workforce insurances like workers’ compensation and group life insurance, can experience a significant reduction when the frequency of accidents or incidents in factories is minimized. Achieving this reduction is feasible through the consultation and certification of ISO 45001 in Saudi Arabia.

Who will issue ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia?

For obtaining ISO 45001 certification for your organization in Saudi Arabia, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Decide the right time

    It is never too late or too early, you can implement ISO 45001 certification in Riyadh any time, no matter if your organization is small or big and whatever the nature of business you are undertaking, ISO 45001 can still be helpful to bring is appropriates structure in your organization for achieving occupational health and safety goals.

  • Speak to the consultant

    We provide best consultancy services for ISO 45001 in Saudi Arabia, with us the entire process will be smooth, easy to understand and simple to follow. We design customized policies and procedures which are best suited for your organization

  • Implement best practices

    MaxiCert will assist you to implement industry best practices through our professional ISO 45001 consulting approach in any city of Saudi Arabia, we have quick reach in the entire kingdom and you will experience the delivery from world class expert consultants, the documentation, Gap analysis, internal audit and all the related processes will be smooth and shall be completed on timely manner.

  • Audit and Certification

    Finally the consulting team of MaxiCert will assist you in completing your audit and certification for ISO 45001 in Saudi Arabia, we work with globally recognized ISO certification bodies in Saudi Arabia and provide you the authentic ISO 45001 certificates. The ISO 45001 audit process in Saudi Arabia will be highly useful for the organizations and the auditors will share their experience and provide suggestions to improve your existing systems.

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What was the need to introduce ISO 45001 by International organization for Standardization (ISO) as a new and improved standard when there was already OHSAS 18001?

Well there are plenty of reasons why ISO introduced ISO 45001 as a new standard, below are the few:

  • As there was no dedicated standard focusing on occupational health and safety so ISO earlier adapted OHSAS 18001, later when the technical committee of ISO drafted their own standard and it was published in the public interest so that organizations can understand a deliberate approach towards achieving work place health and safety goals.
  • OHSAS 18001 was developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) it was the first widely adopted international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. There are a number of steps that it follows in order to be structured like a traditional management system whereas the ISO 45001 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Based on the high-level structure (HLS) used by all ISO management system standards, it is more compatible with other ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).
  • ISO 45001 focuses on only occupational health and safety management whereas ISO 45001 focusses on a broader perspective, considering the context of the organization, interested parties, and a risk-based approach.
  • The OHSAS 18001 standard does not include specific requirements regarding the commitment of top management to the OH&S management system. ISO 45001 standard emphasizes the role of leadership and includes specific requirements for top management involvement, participation, and consultation with workers as part of the development and operation of OH&S management systems.

ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia is relevant for companies of what types?

Information Technology (IT Services)

The IT companies in Saudi Arabia can obtain ISO 45001 certification, it is not necessary that you should have labors who work on heavy jobs called blue collar employees because occupational health and safety is also concerned for the employees working inside the office premises, there are many risks associated to white collar employees due to exposure to computers, body posture, stress and other reasons.

Food industries

The ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia is applicable to the companies who are involved in food catering, restaurants, frozen foods, meat and poultry. Work place safety is necessary in every kind of organization since implementation and certification of ISO 45001 becomes significant in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Manufacturing companies

There will be frequent audits from ministry of manpower, ministry of health, industrial zone authorities in order to check the compliance of the organizations, having ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia can help your organization to demonstrate the compliance of health and safety of workers.

Construction companies

Every worker is equally important and hence it becomes an obligatory responsibility of the management to provide safety during their work, even the subcontracting companies should have ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia to be eligible to work in the sites of ARAMCO, Shell, SABIC and Neom city.

Other companies

whether it is a small trading company or a supply chain, even a super market have the opportunity to consider safety from injuries and accidents during the work so it is mandatory to implement best practices according to international standard of ISO 45001 health and safety in Saudi Arabia

Why Industries Need ISO 45001 Certification in Saudi Arabia?

There are so many reasons to get ISO 45001 certification but lets know what are the main advantages to get ISO 45001 Certification 

Tender Eligibility

Getting an ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia can qualify you for tender and agreements. It creates chances for new businesses and contracts.

Continuous Improvement

ISO standards promote a constant improvement culture. ISO Certification process boost innovation, tackle issues, and foster organizational growth gradually.

Improved Efficiency

Implementing ISO standard can streamline your organization process and efficiency. This will result in overall growth in the organization.

Increases Trust

Implementing ISO 45001 certification in Saudi Arabia shows a promise to meet global standards. It boosts belief and confidence in clients, stakeholders, and partners.

Government Recognization

Being ISO certified company in Saudi Arabia, government will recognize such companies and it helpful to get government projects

Global Market Access

Getting an ISO certificate helps businesses go global. It shows they follow international rules and standards. This can lead to new chances for business and partnerships.

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Maxicert is one of the best ISO 45001 consultants, the next question comes about the prices, don’t worry we will make certain that ISO 45001 certification cost in Saudi Arabia is as minimal as possible.

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