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Maxicert: an overview

Maxcert is Nigeria’s leading ISO advisor, extending our expertise to businesses in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Benin City, Calabar, and Port Harcourt. A wide range of ISO standards are covered by our specialized services, including ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, as well as product certifications such as CE, Halal, and CMMi.

Services we offer:

ISO 22000 Certification:

Certification Services for ISO 22000

To help your organization become ISO 22000 certified, we offer comprehensive services:
Make sure your processes meet international food safety and quality management standards.

  • Certificate of ISO 9001:

    Meet global quality standards by achieving excellence in quality management systems.

  • Certificate of ISO 14001:

    Sustainability and environmental responsibility should be demonstrated.

  • Certification ISO 45001:

    Ensure occupational health and safety according to internationally recognized standards.

  • Certification to ISO 27001:

    Invest in a robust information security management system to protect your information assets.

What is the process for obtaining ISO 22000 certification in Nigeria?

It's easy to get started with Maxicert:

  • 1. Send an inquiry:

    Get in touch with Maxicert if you are interested. Find out what the certification process entails, what the conditions are, and what the costs are.

  • 2. The operation:

    You will need to fill out a form with information about your business. Your specific circumstances will be taken into account by Maxicert when providing detailed guidance.

  • 3. Stage 1 of the inspection:

    A Maxicert adjudicator reviews your company's ISO 22000 programs and makes recommendations for improvement.

  • 4. Stage 2 of the inspection:

    In-depth evaluations ensure adherence to ISO 22000's requirements for food safety and quality management.

  • 5. Certification awards:

    This certification demonstrates your commitment to food safety and quality management by complying with ISO 22000 requirements.

  • 6. Checks for surveillance:

    An annual compliance check confirms ongoing compliance.

  • 7. Inspection for recertification:

    In order to maintain compliance, an analogous inspection is conducted every three years.

ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria: Benefits

  • Assurance of food safety

    Obtaining ISO 22000 certification ensures the highest level of food safety, enhancing consumer confidence.

  • Access to global markets

    Recognized internationally, facilitating market access and expanding business opportunities.

  • Ensure legal compliance

    By adhering to ISO 22000 rules, businesses avoid legal issues and penalties related to food safety.

  • Trust among consumers

    Promote trust and loyalty among consumers by demonstrating your commitment to food safety.

  • Efficiencies in operations

    Achieving ISO 22000 certification enhances operational efficiency, reducing food safety risks, and ensuring product quality.

  • The competitive advantage

    An ISO 22000 certification gives your business a competitive edge.

  • Continual improvement

    Ensure that food safety practices are continually improved and stay ahead of industry standards.

Key BIFMA Certification Standards for Furniture Quality

  • Safety Standards

    Ensure furniture products meet safety requirements, protecting consumers from potential hazards.

  • Durability Standards

    Certify that furniture items are durable, providing long-lasting quality.

  • Conformity Assessment

    Undergo the necessary conformity assessment procedures to verify that your products meet EU requirements.

  • Sustainability Criteria

    Implement sustainable practices in manufacturing processes to align with BIFMA standards for environmental responsibility.

The cost of ISO 22000 certification in Nigeria

Costs vary based on factors such as ISO standards, organization size, and industry. Estimate your costs instantly by using our free cost calculator at

Become an ISO 22000 certified company with Maxicert.

Maxicert provides tools, advice, and examination services worldwide as a recognized leader. ISO advisers in Nigeria specialize in a variety of fields, including executions, training, and audits. It is easy and fast to register for ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria with Maxicert. 

This is a list of the requirements for ISO 22000 certification in Nigeria

There are seven main areas covered by the ISO 22000 Certification examination roster:

  1. Management system for food safety
  2. Communicating in an interactive manner
  3. Programs that are prerequisites
  4. Principles of HACCP
  5. A verification process
  6. System of traceability
  7. Preparedness and response to emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions about ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria with Maxicert

Achieving ISO 22000 Certification ensures food safety and quality management, which is crucial for consumer health and satisfaction.

It is common for food businesses, such as manufacturers, processors, and distributors, to seek ISO 22000 certification.

Achieving ISO 22000 certification provides benefits such as food safety assurance, global market access, legal compliance, consumer trust, operational efficiency, competitive advantage, and continuous improvement.

There are a variety of factors that determine the cost, including ISO standards, the size of the organization, and the industry. On our website, you can get an instant estimate of the cost by using our free cost calculator.

Your organization’s complexity and the ISO standard determine the duration. You will receive a detailed timeline after our experts review your operation.

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